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Status Of The Market: The Church Can Thrive In Crisis

This is not the 2008 financial crisis. While all of the key signs of economic downturn are present; falling commodity prices, a sudden and unexpected crisis, economic over-leverage, and an unstable currency market; this is different. The 2008 financial crisis was caused by Wall Street …

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Leading Through Crisis, An Interview with Horst Schulze and Nathan Artt

Crisis Management- Ritz Carlton Style: Nathan Artt, Principal and Owner of Ministry Solutions sat down with Horst Schulze, Co-founder, President & COO of Ritz Carlton Hotel Company and asked him to share his experience of managing through a crisis while maintaining excellence and …

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CARES Act and the SBA: What You Actually Need to Know Before Applying

Between the media and the communication from consultants and other organizations, there is a lot of information about the CARES Act and what it entails. This blog post is not intended to repeat the same information that is available through multiple sources, but to provide some practi …

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