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A New Perspective on Church Buildings

If you have ever had a chance to get to know any real estate developers, something odd should stand out to you: none of them are construction guys. None of them are bankers. None of them are architects. The most successful developer I know who builds millions of square feet of Class A …

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Multisite - From Startup to Self-Sufficiency

Starting a new campus is tough. Sustaining an existing campus is even tougher. But nothing compares to trying to keep a campus afloat when it becomes a big drain on the operational budget. It can really erode the excitement around your multisite ministry.

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Sometimes Church Growth Can Be A Problem.

Elevate Life Church, an ARC Church located in Oak Leaf (Jacksonville), FL, was the 6th Fastest Growing Church in America in 2017, according to Outreach Magazine. The church had grown from a few hundred people to over 2,000 people within a 3-year period, and was in desperate need to mo …

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