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Inviting Team Members Into Your Purpose

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This clip with Horst Schulze, Co-founder, President & COO of Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, unpacks how an organization must have a purpose, otherwise known as a vision. There is a destination that lies in the future, and getting there is the purpose.

When thinking about the hiring process, it’s important to remember that a person is not getting hired just for the function that they will be performing, such as making the bed at the Ritz Carlton or running social media at for a church. They need to be invited to join the dream that is already in place.  This invitation gives their function a greater purpose.

The Bible tells us that people perish without purpose (Proverbs 29:18), and when an organization has vision and invites the team along, the team members have purpose and desire to do their jobs well in order to meet that goal.

So the bottom line is that someone has to get the beds made, so to speak, not just to make the beds, but because the beds can contribute to the higher purpose, which is why that person was hired in the first place.


  1. The purpose of the organization has to be good for all concerned, including the employees.
  2. Continue to ask the questions, “what am I leading them to?  Where is the destination?” Keep making sure this is clearly established.
  3. The person is not being hired to fulfill the function, but to go on the journey.  That journey will include the function, and the function will aid the goal of reaching the destination.

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