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Celebrating Raleigh North!

To say Raleigh North Christian Center outgrew their space would be a huge understatement.

This church, under the leadership of the two incredible pastors Dr. Jeff Chapman and First Lady Sandie Chapman, has grown to a congregation of several thousand people, still meeting in a 20k SF facility with inadequate parking and minimal family ministry space. 

Raleigh North Christian Center (RNCC) had moved down the road on a design prior to hiring Ministry Solutions, but in March of 2020, the church called up the Ministry Solutions' team and asked the question, “are we building the right thing?” Ministry Solutions conducted a Clear Path Forward for the church, which ultimately saved RNCC several million dollars in the design of the building. This new design added needed seating, parking, square footage, and provided a way forward for the building to be a hub in its community. 

Despite this last year's challenges of Covid uncertainty, fluctuation in the cost of materials, the difficulty of raising money from not meeting in person, and the perception of an uncertain lending market, we are excited to share that RNCC has broken ground on their new home! Not only that, but as a testament to their leadership and the hard work of the Ministry Solutions team, they hit their project budget, raised the necessary money, and had five different banks competing to win their business. 

We love seeing the good guys win, and we can’t put into words just how overjoyed to be a part of this win for Raleigh North Christian Center. 


We also could not have done it without a great team. Thank you to StoryLabs, Live Design, AV Gorilla, and Choate Construction for being great teammates. 

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