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5 Strategies to Beat the Summer Slump and Engage Your Church Community

Summer can be a challenging time for churches to maintain momentum, especially as people have many competing activities such as sports, vacations, and nice weather. However, there are still many opportunities for the Church to engage people through the digital platform beyond the Sunday service.

Here are five ideas we gathered from church leaders to help you combat the dreaded Summer Slump! 


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  1. Pivot the goal from being about how many people watched the sermon to instead being about how we can make the gospel part of people’s everyday lives through the local church. 

  2. Use your digital platform to create daily discipleship and engagement by taking your weekly sermon and developing daily prayers or challenges that can be sent to your church community. 

  3. Use your app to send parents a daily question for them to discuss with their kids at the dinner table based on what the kids are learning in children’s ministry.

  4. Develop a digital prayer community where people can send in prayers any day of the week, knowing that someone is praying for them.

  5. Create off-time gatherings that are not Sunday service-centric to engage people throughout the week that are available to both church members and non-church members in the community. 

These are just a few ideas to help you keep the momentum going throughout the summer months. 

If you are listening to this and feel like you may not have the strategy or the right tools or technology, we would love to have a conversation to see how we can help you in any way. 

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